About eBridge

eBridge the Institutional Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

eBridge is the university’s virtual learning environment (VLE). Adopted in September 2009 the VLE is based upon Sakai, an open-source system developed by an international community of developers. In selecting Sakai as the institutional VLE the university opted for a system that would support and facilitate the provision of a distinctive online learning experience.

Sakai provides a scalable institution wide system with a range of developmental opportunities. Although predominantly US based, our network includes a small number of UK institutions; Oxford and Cambridge, with whom we are able to work collaboratively with. Sakai’s integration properties are particularly amenable which enables flexible and reliable provision and the rich and diverse toolset supports collaboration, content delivery and assessment.

The TEL team provide support in a variety of ways. Please use the categories to the right to locate eBridge How to guides which have been designed to lead you through through the process of Please take a moment to look through the assistance types that we provide so that you can make the appropriate selection.

If you would like more information about eBridge; guidance in developing your course materials or advice on which tool is appropriate for a specific mode of delivery then please contact us on extension 2200 or email the TEL team.