This document will explain the functionality of the Announcements tool.

Clicking on the Announcements button will open a screen similar to the one in figure 1. 

This shows a lot of detail for the announcements that have been created.

The Announcements view can be changed, as can the number of days in the past and the number of announcements visible in the list. Click Options, make the changes and click Update.

Announcements screen

Figure 1. Announcements options

Adding Announcements

Click the Add button to open the screen which has all the options for creating an announcement. See figure 2.

Adding Announcements

Figure 2. Adding Announcements

Type the subject of your Announcement in the text box next to 'Announcment title'.

In the text box under 'Body', use the WYSIWYG editor to create and format the announcement text.

Under 'Access', choose who will see the announcement.

Under 'Availability' choose when to display your announcement.

Under 'Attachments' you can attach a file uploaded from your computer, a web site URL or an item in the Resources folder of your site.

Under 'Email Notification' you can choose to email the announcement.

To post the announcement, click the Add Announcement button. You can also preview prior to posting or cancel the announcement.

Editing/Removing Announcements

When an announcement has been created you always have the option of editing the title and body, you can also change the settings Click Edit, make the changes and click Save Changes. The Edit option is also available when the announcement is being read.

Announcements can also be deleted.  Click Remove next to the announcement and on the confirmation screen, click Remove to delete or Cancel to go back. The Remove option is also available when the announcement is being read.

Reading Announcements

To read the content of an announcement, click its title.

Merging Announcements

In 'My Home' you will automatically see a consolidated list of recent announcements from all of the sites you are a member of. 

You can also merge announcements from selected sites into one site, making it unncessary to go to every site to check for announcements. 

In Announcements, click Merge and tick the box next to the site(s) whose announcements you want to display in the current site. Click Save and any new announcements posted will appear in the list of announcements.

Reordering Announcements

All announcements are presented in a list but the data can be sorted by column to give a different viewing order.

In Announcements, click on the column heading to reorder the list of announcements. e.g. click Date to sort by date created. The order will be reversed if you click the same heading again.

Announcement Permissions

By default all members of a site can read posted announcements but permissions can be changed by role. e.g. students could be given the permission to create an announcement or perhaps delete their own announcements. 

*Permissions can only be altered by Instructors on a site.