Lessons Tool

The Lessons tool can be used as a replacement for the Pathway tool, allowing instructors to build multiple pages embedding elements with the added functionality of controlling when a student is able to move on to the next activity.

You can have more than one instance of the tool in your site and each page can be customised to suit individual lessons. Resources, quizzes and assignments that have been created or uploaded into eBridge can be included and then adapted to force the completion of elements on the student. Pages can be set as a requirement preventing access to later pages, the settings of a page can also be changed so that it is only accessible when 'required' pages have been completed. Pages can also be hidden or released at a specific time.

Getting started

When you click the Lessons tool, a brief introduction and examples for getting started will be visible. The action buttons (Fig 1), at the top of the page will be used to add the content for the lesson. If you hover the mouse over each of the buttons, you'll get a brief description of what they can do but basically you can add text, have links to resources, assignments etc. Further tools can be accessed using the More Tools button.

action buttons

Fig1 - Action Buttons

Creating a lesson homepage

To start building your lesson, clicking on one of the action buttons will add content to your page. The most common items are:

Add Text - enter text into an editor

Add Multimedia - an item that will show on the page, for example Youtube and any saved videos.

Add Resource - upload documents and add links to exising documents and web pages.

A description introducing the lesson would be a good start and we suggest you start by clicking Add text. An editor will appear to which text can be added and formatted, links to resources and web pages can be included, you can also add images and paste in text from Word.

Subpages can also be included to organise the content of your lesson. These can be shown as either a button or a link.

Fig2 below shows a lesson structure with a homepage which includes an image, text and video. The lesson also has 2 subpages, Week 1 and Week 2. Clicking Edit beside an item will let you edit the content.

lesson structure

Figure 2 - Lesson Structure


As you build up your lesson, a crumb trail will be visible along the top of the screen, Fig3. Additional items can be added to a page, they can also be re-ordered using drag and drop.

sub page

Fig3 - Subpage

Page Sequencing

A good use of the Lessons tool is to set specific requirements for an item, preventing students from making further progress before they have met the criteria, Fig4.

One example could be that "students read material before taking a quiz" and to accomplish this the setting against each piece of material to read would be 'Require This Item' and the setting against the quiz would be 'Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed'.

Another example would be for students to achieve a minimum score when taking a quiz before moving on. In this case, 'Require that the student receive xx points on this assessment' would be the setting to change. If a minimum score is set and you want to allow a resubmission, this will be controlled in the Assignment or Tests & Quizzes tool.


Fig4 - Page sequencing

A timed release is also available to control progression through the content. For example if you do not want to release a page, resource, quiz etc. until a particular time/date, click More Tools and change the item settings.