Organising Resources

This document provides some suggestions on organising materials uploaded into eBridge.

The Resource tool is a very simple way of making materials available to students. There are other tools for guiding the students to materials, however the Resources tool itself does offer a very quick and easy way to make materials available.

There are many ways in which materials can be made available to students through eBridge, for example; as attachments to messages or announcements. Using the Resources tool to store documents provides a repository for all materials. These materials can be linked to in any communications or through the Pathway tool, for example; Having a single repository allows several links to the same file and the maintenance of a single source instead of potentially having multiple, possibly out of date versions.

The downside of using the Resources tool is that it can very quickly become rather cluttered. This guide is a very simple introduction to organising your resources. The benefits of organising your resources will provide rewards for you and your students in being able to locate materials quickly.

Creating folders

To create a folder in the eBridge Resources tool

  1. Open the Resources tool in your site2. Click on the Add drop down box

Creating a Folder

Fig 1. Empty Resources Tool

  1. Click on the Create Folders option4. Enter the name of the new folder5. If you wish to add a description for this folder click the Add details for this item link. You will also see here that other options can be set for the folder, including whether it is visible for other sites (useful if you want to share files across sites, for example programme information shared to module sites), and dates when the folder will be seen by students6. Click on the Create Folders Now button to create the folder.

Creating a Folder

Fig 2. Creating a Folder

Folders can be created within other folders enabling a nested structure of folders to be developed.

To see the contents of a folder you can click on the folder icon with a plus (+) sign. Clicking on the folder name will also show the contents, but will lose the view of the other folders.

Nested Folders Showing Expanded View

Fig 3. Nested Folders Showing Expanded View

To collapse the folder structure click on the folder icon with a minus (-) sign on it. If you did click on the folder name you will notice a crumb trail at the top of the page to aid navigation.

Nested Folder Showing Folder View and Crumb Trail

Fig 4. Nested Folders Showing Folder View and Crumb Trail

Moving Materials

Once you have created your structure you may find that you have some files and/or folders that you want to move around in the Resources tool.

Any folder or file can be moved by clicking on Move which is located within the Actions drop-down menu alongside the resource.

Reordering folders

By default files and folders are listed in alphabetical order. To change the order of resources in a folder select Reorder from the Actions drop-down for that folder.

Reordering Folders

Fig 5. Reordering Folders

To change the order select the position number desired for each item, then click Save.You cannot organise folders and files at the very top level in the resources tool. If you need to do this, numbering the folders offers a viable alternative.

Other useful Folder Functions

Other functions which may be of use include, copying, removing and changing the folder permissions. These options are all available within the Actions drop-down box. Folder permissions were mentioned in point 5 of creating folders. These permissions can be used to control access to the folder or files including hiding them altogether. One benefit of hiding folders is that Instructors can keep materials they need in the site without students seeing this material.