Rollover - Importing Content From Other Site

This document will explain how to move content from one site to another. Importing content enables you to copy previously created content from one site into another and is particularly useful when preparing new sites with new cohorts of students.

Preparing the New Site

Open the site that you wish to copy content into.

New sites are created with a default set of tools. If you have added any additional tools to the site which you are copying content from they will need adding to the new site prior to commencing the import process. The Import from site function does not offer the opportunity to copy content from tools unless they exist in both sites.

Selecting the Site to Copy From

Click on the Site Info tool and then click on Import from Site

Fig1. Import from Site.

There are two options presented; I would like to merge my data and I would like to merge my user(s). The merging process will not overwrite existing materials or members of the site but will add to what already exists. As eBridge is integrated with the Academic Information System (AIS) new module sites are automatically populated with users based on the data held in the AIS. Therefore it is unlikely that the merging of users will be required for most module sites unless in exceptional circumstances.

Click on I would like to merge my data. You will see a list of all the sites which you have access to as an instructor.

Fig2. Selecting which site to copy content from.

Select the site that you wish to import content from by selecting the check box next to the relevant site and click Continue. You will see a list of all tools that are configured in the site.

Select the check boxes next to the tools from which you wish to copy content from and click Finish

Fig3. Selecting which tools to copy.

The copying process can take a few minutes to complete dependent upon the amount of content so don't worry if nothing appears to be occurring immediately. If you are concerned that the content has not been copied, try clicking on the Refresh button. If you repeat the process you will duplicate the content copied. Once the copying process has completed you will be directed back to the main Site Info page.

If tool names have been changed in the site that you have copied content from they will need changing in the new site.

There are some tools such as calendar and announcements which contain historical information. In most cases it wouldn't be necessary to copy content from these tools. When copying from the forum tool only the structure of the forum is copied and it will appear in the new site as a draft. The Assignments, Tasks Tests and Surveys and Tests and Quizzes tools will also appear in draft format once copied and will need amending.