Overview of Site Default Tools

This document will introduce and provide a brief outline of the default tools which you will see once you have access to your teaching site in eBridge. Site tools are displayed down the left of the page on the Tool Menu Bar and any sites that you belong to will be displayed along the top of the page on the Site menu Bar.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the default tools you can decide whether to add or remove tools to your site by using the Site Info tool.

Site Home

The site home tool is the first page of your site that users will see. In the worksite information you can provide a notice board/introduction to your site.


The Resources tools acts as a storage area for documentation e.g. module handbooks/lectures/useful URL's etc. These resources are available for students to access.


The Announcements tool allows you to send announcements to students. These announcements will appear in three places; on the site's homepage in recent announcements, the summary box in your My Home site and through the announcements tool in each site. An email notification can also be sent to site members.


This is a communication tool that tutors can use to create an unlimited number of discussion forums for their course or project sites. You can submit postings for your students to read and respond to. In turn the students can take part in online discussions and collaborative work.


Each worksite has its own calendar although a consolidated calendar can be found under your My Home which combines all events from each site.

Site Info

The Site Info tool gives tutors access to many of the options for the site. You can check your site participants, add and remove tools, create groups and publish your site.


The messages tool allows you to send email messages to any other member in your site. They can be sent as a message within eBridge or directly to the recipient's email address. You can send to individuals, groups or to participants by role.


The assignments tool enables students to submit assignments online via eBridge. You can create, distribute, collect, return and mark assignments. Each student's submission is private and can only be seen by you and the student.


The Pathway tool provides an organised structure for presenting resources and guiding students through their study by topic/time thread. Each pathway can represent a unit, theme or chapter.