Importing Content from Another Site


This document explains how to transfer content between sites. Importing content allows you recreate some or all of an existing site for a new cohort of students.

Preparing the new site

Select the eBridge site into which you wish to copy content.

New sites are created with a default set of tools and if you have added any other tools to the 'old' site they will need adding to the 'new' site now as the Import from Site function will not offer the opportunity to copy content from tools unless they exist in both sites.

Selecting the site to copy from

Click Site Info in the new site and at the top of the page click on Import from Site.

Site Info tool screenshot

You will then have a choice of two options; merging data or merging user(s). The merging process will not overwrite existing materials or members of the site, but will add to what is already in the site. To import content click I would like to merge my data.

You will then see a list of all the sites you have access to as an instructor. Select the site(s) you wish to import from by 'checking' the boxes, then click Continue.

Select site to copy screenshot

Copying Content

Now you have selected the site(s) to copy from, you will need to identify the tools from which you wish to copy content from.

Select the check boxes next to the tools which you wish to copy content from and click Finish.

Select tool content to copy screenshot

The copying process can sometimes take a short time to complete so don't be worried if it doesn't appear to have worked immediately.

If tool names have been changed in the old site, they will need changing in the new one.

When copying from the forum tool only the structure of the forum will be copied and it will appear in the new site as draft. This is because the content is historical and was specific to the last site and its members.

Announcements copied will also appear as drafts in the new site.