eBridge Basics for Students

eBridge is the University's online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Each department tutor will decide how they will be using the VLE and instruct their students accordingly.

Accessing eBridge

eBridge requires internet access and a web browser. eBridge has been tested with Internet Explorer and Firefox and we would recommend that you use one of these browsers. eBridge can also be accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. To access eBridge point your browser at the following web address:


You may also see direct links to eBridge in other places such as the Portal or the University of Hull web site.

Login to eBridge

To login to eBridge you will need your user ID and password. These are the same details that you will use to access other university systems for example the portal.

Click on Sign in... which will take you to the University of Hull Central Authentication Service page where you will enter your user ID and password. (see Need Help below if you don't know your login details).

Once you have logged in

Once you have logged into eBridge you will see the 'My Home' site. Every eBridge user has their own 'My Home' site which will look similar to the one in Figure 1 below.

Screenshot of 'My Home' site

Fig 1: 'My Home'

The 'My Home' is your private space in eBridge where you can upload files, create a profile or add entries to your Calendar.

Accessing other eBridge sites

Courses/sites that you are a member of will be displayed as tabs at the top of the screen within the site menu bar. Some of the tabs may have the number and session of the module but in other cases course tutors may have changed the name to reflect the module title. Click on the relevant module tab to access a site.

Figure 2 provides a basic view of a module site. Course tutors may add/remove tools from the tool menu bar which appears down the left hand side of a site. Therefore you may notice that not all of your sites look the same. More detailed course information may be provided in the Worksite Information area. Module sites will contain relevant information for each module.

Screenshot of a module site

Fig 2: A module site

Unable to see all of your module sites?

If you cannot see a module that you expect to see in the site menu bar click on the 'More Sites' tab to see if it is listed there. If you still cannot see it you should contact your course tutor as the site may not have been published.

Logging out of eBridge

To help maintain security of your account, eBridge will log you out after being inactive for a period of one hour. However, we recommend that you always logout of eBridge when you are not active especially when you are using a computer in a public space.

Need help?

If you experience problems logging in or accessing a particular site in eBridge, you can visit the Hull ICT Service Desk in the Applied Science building, or contact them by telephone (01482) 462010 or email help@hull.ac.uk. You will need to confirm your user ID and/or student number in any communication. Provide as much detail about the problem as possible and in relation to problems with site access, please include where possible the name, module or other identifying information of the site.

If you need help with an eBridge site or information contained therein, please contact your tutor.