Creating a Wiki

This document will explain how to create a basic Wiki. A Wiki is a web page which enables multiple people to work collaboratively on the same material. It uses a simplified markup language which is quick and easy to use even for those with no technical knowledge. New pages can be added, comments can be made and there's always the option of reverting to previous versions if a mistake is made.  

Note: If the Wiki tool isn't available in your site, use the Site Info tool to add it.

Click Wiki to open the Wiki Home Page.

Wiki image

Click Edit to get started.

Delete the default text and type your information in the text editor. 

Editing the Wiki image

To create a link to a new page place brackets around the relevant text.

Click Save.

Clicking on any of the links created in the step above will take you to a different page. The two links shown in the image above will go to pages previously created. New links will appear with the name that you have identified them with followed by a '?' and will go to a page with no content. You will need to click Edit to add content to the new page.

Wiki Help Tips

Use the Help Tips pane within the Wiki to access further help materials relating to the Wiki.