eAssessment Guidance for students

Purpose of eAssessment

The purpose of the eAssessment is to standardised the systems and processes with a view to improving your experience of submitting work and receiving feedback. By using electronic submission your life can be made simpler. Electronic submission brings in a consistent approach to submission and feedback as well as making your life simpler. The University expects all summative work, work that contributes to your final grade, to be submitted electronically and checked for originality using TurnitIn

Student guidance

This document is intended to support all students who are submitting work for assessment.

Logging into eBridge

eBridge will be used to brief you on all of your assignments. You may find the Getting Started With eBridge Guide helpful.

If you have any trouble accessing eBridge or sites then contact help@hull.ac.uk or call 01482 462010.

Assignment briefings

Assignment briefings will be loaded onto eBridge at the beginning of your module. You can view these briefing by following the process below.

  1. Log into eBridge
  2. Select the site for the module you are studying
  3. Select the Assignments tool, all of the assignments for this module will be shown
  4. Click on the assignment to which you want to submit and you will see a screen like that below

    Submission screen

Depending on the nature of the assignment you will see different elements of the above screen, but the briefing will always be there.

  1. Under 'Additional resources for assignment' you will see a briefing document. Click on the link to open the document
  2. Clicking the Reset icon Reset Icon at the top of the page will return you to the assignments list.

Submitting assignments

For information on how to submit your completed assignment please choose 'Submitting assignments' from the top menu.