Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA)

Purpose of this document?

This document is part of a series on using and creating assignments with Turnitin in accordance with the revised Turnitin policy. The University preferred submission route for all assessment is through eBridge where appropriate. The University also expects that once the student has submitted in eBridge, that the assessment, grading and feedback processes are continued electronically using the tools Grademark and/or Peermark for the following reasons.

This document explains where and how staff should create assignments in eBridge. The process is the same whatever type of site is used and is outlined in 'eSubmission: Guide for Staff' document.

Advised process for creating assignment submission points in eBridge

The policy on the use of Turnitin requires that students have an opportunity to use use Turnitin formatively during the period where they are eligible to receive a Caution under Unfair Means Regulations and that all summative work must be screened using Turnitin.

Within the Module Site.

Every time a module is run a site is automatically created and populated with those staff and students registered on the Academic Information System (AIS). As eBridge is the expected platform for module delivery, these sites are likely to be known to the students and associated with all work to do with the module.

Using the Assignment tool in your module site, you can easily set up draft submissions (Sandbox Assignments) and graded submissions alongside each other. For Draft (Sandbox) submissions you can easily create groups of students in the module to ensure that only the eligible students will see the draft submission opportunity. Using groups in this way, the module site allows you to create assignments for both formative and summative submission and ensures that each group has the appropriate access to the correct assignment.

Course Administrators should be able to set up draft, formative and summative assessment opportunities within each module site. Please email TEL@hull.ac.uk for support or training in this process.

Strengths of the advised process for electronic submission, grading and feedback using Module sites

Deviations from the advised process

It is possible, though not advised, to deviate from the advised process and create assignment submission points in other types of site. Please contact a member of the TEL team first to discuss your rationale for deviation from the approved process. We can then have a conversation with the Quality Team to ensure that the assessment process remains robust and compliant.

We stress that alternative ways of setting up assessment are not recommended.

What next?

We recommend the advised Assignment Submission process using Module sites. If you would like to use alternative process for electronic submission, grading and feedback and see some examples in use then please contact the TEL Team in the first instance.