Alternative forms of eAssessment

eMarking refers to the process by which marks and feedback are provided to students electronically. The University recommends using Grademark for all eAssessment as it provides feedback in a timely manner to the students, improves the quality of feedback opportunities on the learning, and reduces the administration overheads associated with paper copies and print outs of assignments.

Other tools

There are a range of alternative tools which can be used for eMarking. Below are some of the methods which are suitable for this purpose. If you would like to use one of these forms of eFeedback, please contact the TEL team who will be able to assist you.

  1. Word
  2. PDF comments
  3. Audacity/Dictaphone
  4. Jing/Camtasia

These documents should be read in conjunction with the Quality Handbook, section F Assessment with particular reference to the following: