Giving good feedback using comments and audio feedback

Grademark gives you the opportunity to provide rich and varied forms of feedback to the learner. With NSS scores being used to rate both the timeliness and quality of feedback provided, the assessor should be thinking about how they can provide quality feedback to meet the learners expectations.

How to create comments and audio feedback in Grademark

The Grademark tools allow you to provide both audio and written comments for the overall piece of work. These tools could be used to provide the learner with feedback on the overall piece of work and how it has met the learning outcomes for the module. It is also a chance to provide 'feed-forward' suggesting how the learner might improve their skills in a particular area to get a better grade next time. This is particularly useful when giving formative feedback on a draft piece of work without the need to grade the work.

The video below shows you how to access the comments in Grademark and how to record some audio feedback for the learner.


More information

More detailed information on how to use Grademark tools for assessment can be found on Turnitin's own help pages.

Turnitin provides an interactive tutorial in using many of the Grademark tools.