Creating Formative Assignments

This guidance covers the process of creating formative assignments in eBridge as part of the eAssessment process.


Creating a formative or draft assignment

  1. Login to eBridge
  2. Select the module site you are creating assignments for
  3. Select the Assignments Tool
  4. For formative or draft assessments Click 'Add Sandbox'
    All of the recommended settings have been pre-selected for you to make it as simple to set up the correct submission

Add assignment

Figure 1. Adding formative or draft assignments

Adding the assignment details

The majority of the settings for a sandbox site hve already been pre-configured behind the scenes meaning you only have to complete a small number of fields in the form to set up the assignment.

Assignment details screen

Figure 2. Sandbox details screen

  1. Enter the assignment title - it is suggested that you use (Draft) at the start of the assignment title to clearly define it from summative or graded submissions to the students.
  2. Open date - this is when the assignment goes 'live' and the students will be able to see it. It is the earliest students can submit, we recommend two weeks prior to the due date as a minimum. This date can be changed at a later date if required.
  3. Due date - this is the deadline for submission. As this is a draft submission, penalties for late submission will not be applied.
    We recommend a 1:00 pm hand in time. This will ensure that technical support is available on-campus, via email and via the telephone, should the students need it. It also avoids any confusion between 12 noon and 12 midnight.
  4. Accept until - Again, as this is a draft submission the accept until date automatically defaults to the same as the due date.
  5. Assignment instructions - optional. Can be left blank if you are going to upload an assignment brief.

Other details

Assignment details screen

Figure 3. Assignment anonymity and access

  1. Anonymous Grading - You can allow the students to be anonymised in Turnitin however this should not really be required as this is a draft assignment. Therefore it is not ticked by default.
  2. Access (this will only appear on sites where groups have been created) - Select 'Display to Everyone'
    • You can use groups here to give assignments to specific groups of students in the same module. E.G. You may have a group of students who need to do additional work. You could put them in a group and set them a specific assignment.

Adding the assignment brief

  1. Click the 'Add Attachment' button
  2. Browse to your briefing document for this assignment
  3. Click Open
  4. Click Continue

Additional documents, such as reading material, can be attached if needed. Simply browse for more.