General Advice for Managing Formative and Summative Assessment

Updated 6 October 2014

Staff are strongly advised to check what departmental or faculty policy is in place before they implement any of this guidance for their students. This document should be read before reading any other guidance relating to changes in the policy on the use of Turnitin.

Changes to the Quality Handbook June 2014

The University's policy on the use of Turnitin has changed from June 2014. Staff should familiarise themselves with Section F and the University policy on the use of TurnitinUK.

In the case of the policy on Turnitin, particularly:

  1. TurnitinUK can be used as a developmental tool to support students in gaining a greater understanding of good academic practice. Students must have the ability to submit draft assignments to TurnitinUK via eBridge during the period for which they are eligible to receive a Caution under Unfair Means Regulations. Departments must make clear to students the process for utilising draft submissions.
  2. Departments must ensure that students receive a range of appropriate guidance and support regarding good academic practice, instructions for the use of TurnitinUK (for example during induction for both new and returning students) and guidance on the interpretation of originality reports.
  3. All forms of summative written assessment must be screened using TurnitinUK where this is practicable. Where it is considered that screening via TurnitinUK is not practicable it should be declared in the module specification and approved as part of the usual module approval process.

(Quality Handbook, F1 Assessment Procedures. Policy on Staff use of TurnitinUK)

The TEL Team recommend that Faculties/departments should seek to establish an approach which ensures a consistent student experience as far as possible. The TEL team should be contacted to discuss models by which this can be achieved.

The TEL team strongly recommend the use of the eBridge Assignments tool, which integrates with Turnitin, for the submission of all appropriate work. This avoids any confusion between and and also offers a single process for all students to submit work.

The assignments tool supports both formative and summative use of Turnitin.


The TEL team would welcome the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate the use of eBridge/Turnitin. For further details please contact