Giving feedback

The start of the eMarking process begins with giving good feedback.

Effective assessment and feedback can be defined as practice that equips learners to study and perform to their best advantage in the complex disciplinary fields of their choice, and to progress with confidence and skill as lifelong learners, without adding to the assessment burden on academic staff.
(Effective assessment in a digital age. Jisc 2010)

Feedback is described as helping learners evaluate their ability, appreciate their current progress and plan development, and encourage self-reflection; it is asserted that it should be provided consistently, support positive elements of work, is a student entitlement and can be the basis for dialogue.

The traditional processes of writing comments on transcripts, or marking up copy with side-notes or footnotes can easily be replicated and improved through the use of technology. Academics may already use marking charts, rubrics or assessment criteria sheets to help come to a grade or band in which the students work sits before deciding on an actual grade.

The assessment process goes through many stages that should be transparent to the learner. Feedback and grading are just the start of the process but it should be very clear to the student exactly how a decision was arrived at and the grade awarded.

Grademark, a tool that is part of the Turnitin suite of assessment technologies, has a range of features that support giving improved feedback to learners. Grademark provides markers with the traditional tools they know and introduces new and effective tools like audio feedback to improve the quality and depth of their assessment. Providing more varied assessment and richer assessment can significantly improve the student experience and opportunities for achieveing higher grades.

More information

More detailed information on how to use grademark tools for assessment can be found on Turnitin's own help pages.

Turnitin provides an interactive tutorial in using many of the Grademark tools.