Quickmarks are the digital equivalent of making comments with a pen on a transcript. They are a very quick way to add simple, often repeated comments to the submission allowing the marker to give feedback on things like spellings, capitalisation, grammar and punctuation. Quickmarks can also be used to indicate where references are needed or citations may be incorrect. In fact, Quickmarks are so versatile that you can even make up your own sets of Quickmarks to use for yourself, your department, or your faculty.

Using Quickmarks

To use Quickmarks, you must have set up an assignment with the student submissions going to Turnitin to generate an originality report. For more information on how to do this please see the guide on setting up assignments.

You must also have had a student submit some work to generate the originality report in Turnitin. For information on how to interpret the results, please see the guide on reading and interpreting the originality report.

Below is a short clip on how to access the originality report.

Using Quickmarks

If you have followed the steps above and clicked on the originality report icon, you should now be taken to Grademark to begin giving feedback on that assignment. The next video gives you an overview of how Quickmarks work.


More information

More detailed information on how to use grademark tools for assessment can be found on Turnitin's own help pages.

Turnitin provides an interactive tutorial in using many of the Grademark tools.


Next steps

For further information on how to use Quickmarks to provide feedback, please contact a member of the TEL team who will be able to assist you.