Creating Summative Assignments

This guidance covers the process of creating summative assignments in eBridge as part of the eAssessment process. Extensions, mitigating circumstances and resubmissions are also covered.


Creating a Summative Assignment

  1. Login to eBridge
  2. Select the module site you are creating assignments for
  3. Select the Assignments Tool
  4. For Summative Assessments Click 'Add'
    All of the recommended settings have been pre-selected for you to make it as simple to set up the correct submission

Add assignment

Figure 1. Adding summative assignments

Adding the assignment details

Assignment details screen

Figure 2. Assignment details screen

  1. Enter the assignment title - using the format: ComponentNumber (e.g. Component1) suggested formats: ComponentNumber Draft, ComponentNumber MitCirc, ComponentNumber Resit.
  2. Open date - this is when the assignment goes 'live' and the students will be able to see it. It is the earliest students can submit, we recommend two weeks prior to the due date as a minimum. This date can be changed at a later date if required.
  3. Due date - this is the deadline for submission. After this date/time submissions will be treated as a "late submission" and appropriate penalties applied unless the students has been granted an extension.
    We recommend a 1:00 pm hand in time. This will ensure that technical support is available on-campus, via email and via the telephone, should the students need it. It also avoids any confusion between 12 noon and 12 midnight.
  4. Accept until - this allows for late submissions and any general extensions. Students have up to 7 days available after the due date to submit and still be considered late. After 7 days, the student will be marked as 'did not submit'.
  5. Student submissions - Single file upload only.
    All work, where appropriate must be submitted to Turnitin for originality checking. This is in line with the revised Turnitin policy for the University. For submission to Turnitin, select 'Single Uploaded File Only'.
    If you have been granted an exception to submitting to Turnitin by your faculty, select the submission type most appropriate for your assignment.
  6. Allow resubmissions - off. Turnitin cannot cope with resubmissions and always reports the first submission.
  7. Grading system - where no marking is recorded using eBridge the release of feedback has to be manual i.e. one by one. We recommend the use of 'Tick'
  8. Assignment instructions - optional. Can be left blank if you are going to upload an assignment brief.

Assignment Specifics

Assignment details screen

Figure 3. Assignment scheduling and anonymity

  1. Add due date to schedule - this is pre-ticked. It adds a calendar entry
  2. Word Count (optional) - for most written assignments student are required to declare the word count
  3. Display student numbers rather than names (anonymity) - pre-ticked

Turnitin Settings

Turnitin options

Figure 4. Turnitin details

  1. 'Use Turnitin' will automatically be ticked in line with the Universities revised policy on the use of Turnitin.
  2. Allowing students to see the report is pre-ticked as per the policy
  3. 'Students to view originality report on release of grades' is pre-ticked. You should also ensure that the 'Accept until date is not beyond the date at which you aim to return grades to students. Once that date is set in eBridge it is fixed in Turnitin.
  4. For summative work it is essential to 'Submit papers to the following repository: Standard Paper Repository' so that the work of the cohort is compared. This is pre-ticked for you.

Access and Groups

Figure 5. Managing access and notifications

  1. Access (this will only appear on sites where groups have been created) - Select 'Display to Everyone'
    • You can use groups here to give assignments to specific groups of students in the same module. E.G. You may have a group of students who need to do additional work. You could put them in a group and set them a specific assignment.
  2. Submission Notification Email Options: normally select - 'Do send me notifications emails for any student submissions'
  3. Released Grade notification email to student when grade is released - select 'Send notification email to student when grade is released'
  4. Click the 'Add Attachment' button
  5. Browse to your briefing document for this assignment
  6. Click Open
  7. Click Continue

Additional documents, such as reading material, can be attached if needed. Simply browse for more.

Additional Information

Figure 6. Additional information

  1. Optional:
    • Model answers - example answer, before or after submission
    • Private note - for instructors to share thoughts
    • All purpose item - scheduled general feedback
  2. Click the 'Post' button.
  3. You will get a warning if there were no instructions, scroll down and click Post again

Extensions, mitigating circumstances and resubmissions

Extensions should be within the Accept Until date created above. We understand that some departments create separate assignments for extensions. This is not recommended.

For mitigating circumstances and resubmissions where the same briefing stands it is recommended that the original assignment is duplicated and amendments made to the submission dates.

Where an alternative briefing is required that should be named appropriately and uploaded to a new assignment.

In both cases the new assignment title should be amended to make it clear that this is a new assessment point. E.g. Assignment 1 Resit - August.

Extensions and Mit. circs.

Figure 7. Assignment list

The visibility of these assignments can be limited by creating groups and only giving access to the specific group requiring access.