It has been brought to our attention that there is a problem for eBridge users who may be using eBridge on their iPads.  This is due to Apple and Mobile Safari not fully supporting web-based rich text editors.

When the mobile device screen is touched where text is to be entered the device's keypad would normally appear.  Taking the forums in eBridge as an example, touching the 'Reply Title' text box will produce the device's keyboard and allow you to input text.  However, touching the rich text editor box does not produce the device's keyboard.  As a quick fix solution to get round this problem, click on the 'Paste as plain text' icon on the top row of the text editor tool bar (shown as a clipboard with the letter T).  This will open a little box for you to type text.

It is possible that this also affects other mobile devices such as iPhone and Android.

We are checking Apple forums on a regular basis and will keep you informed if we hear of any solutions.