eBridge site rollover

At this time of the year staff often start to think about creating a new VLE site for next year’s students.  This message gives you information about what you need to do.
In most cases there is very little for you to do. Thanks to its integration with the AIS, eBridge can automatically create new module sites.  They do not have to be individually copied, as was the case with Merlin and Blackboard.  eBridge also provides a tool, called  ‘Import from Site’, to enable you to transfer content from one site to another.
We are currently doing final testing of the ‘Import from Site’ tool to ensure that it works correctly in all cases.  We will let you know as soon as this is available for use.  
When eBridge automatically creates a new module site, it uses the standard site structure.  To cater for those of you who have modified the standard structure, we can make a carbon copy of your structure and use this as the new site structure instead of the standard one.  We will advise you later in the summer about doing this.  In the meantime, if you want to do work on the structure of your site for next year, or wish to add new content to it for next year, please contact the eLearning Team who will advise you individually on how to do this.
If you have any queries relating to issues of rollover, please contact the eLearning Team on 01482 466885 or  via the service desk at
Best regards
Patrick Lynch
eLearning Coordinator