User Interface

·         Improved user interface design, including collapsible toolbar navigation enhanced with descriptive icons.

·         Direct navigation to a tool from the site navigation bar.

·         Collapsible side menu.

Easier navigation of tabs

·         Site tabs can be reordered and hidden easily using drag and drop.

Publishing Sites

·         Unpublished sites can be published with a single click using the ‘Publish Now’ button, visible on the left of the site screen.


·         Click on the image icon to expand the menu for a brief eBridge tutorial.


·         Language preferences can now be changed at the local worksite level, overriding system-wide language default.


·         Improved layout for settings, permissions, and forum/topic management as well as additional functionality including a requirement for users to post before they can read posts.


·         Replaces the presence indicator tool in sites.

·         Allows you to chat with other members present in a site.



·         Permissions can be changed by Instructors who can opt to hide selected groups in the “To” menu from specified roles.


·         Instructors can submit an Assignment on behalf of a student.

Tests & Quizzes

·         A simpler user interface with two tabs for easier distinction between published and working copies of quizzes.


·         Drag and drop capability for uploading files from your computer.  This includes zip files which can then be unpacked in eBridge.

·         Zip files can also be exported.

·         A content item’s URL can be shortened for easier management and access.

Lessons **New Tool**

·         Lesson Builder can be used to structure sequenced content and create pages that incorporate text, video and other rich media.

·         Instructors can add links to existing assignments, discussion topics, and assessments.

·         Items and pages can be organised in any order, via drag-and-drop reordering.

·         Items can be set so they are not released until completed.